Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crazy Vegas

Today was better. The blues went away. Mostly.  That's all I can ask for, right?

I had an appointment with an attorney this afternoon to talk about my options. I came away with both good news and bad news. Which really means, I came away with bad news, or at least not so good news. I think.

When I spoke to the case worker on the phone earlier this week to set up the appointment, she instructed me to approach the receiption desk and tell Mary I had an appointment with Jennifer. Only, when I entered the building, there was no one at the desk. I stood and waited a few minutes, then decided to sit down until Mary came back from wherever she was.

As I was waiting, I looked around the room I was in. If I didn't already know I was in Vegas, I would have known I was in Vegas. The floors were a white marble tile. The walls were covered in mirrors. The seating was white leather love seats, and there was an atrium behind the desk, with randomly placed baskets of fake plants. I swear, I expected Elvis to come around the corner.


I enjoyed a laugh with myself, then I thought about my blog and how much I would enjoy sharing my moment with you. So I quietly pulled out my cell phone and snapped a picture. I took it quick. I didn't want to get caught...although I'm not sure what I thought would've happened. Would they have wrestled me to the ground, grabbed my phone and smashed it? Maybe. It could happen.

Mere moments after I snapped and saved the bold image, Mary came back from lunch and introduced me to Jennifer.  I smiled as I shook hands with Jennifer .. little did she know she had a recklessly daring person on her hands.


Anonymous said...

Classic Vegas Decor. I am surprised you didn't see Elvis!


mistie said...

I love the sneaky-photo-taking. Totally something I would do!

ShEiLa said...

fancy-schmancy huh (only in Vegas)

I can only imagine what it's like dealing with all of the paper work and options and decisions that go with divorce... so sorry. I feel for you.