Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just In Case You Ever Wonder


When Gus was three, he sat on my lap while I read Just In Case You Ever Wonder to him. It's a beautifully written children's book that tells of God, life and love. It starts like this:

"Long, long ago God made a decision-
a very important decision...
one that I'm really glad he made.

He made the decision to make you.

The same hands that made the stars made you.
The same hands that made the canyons made you.
The same hands that made the trees and the moon and the sun made you.

That's why you are special. God made you."

He sat so still while I read each beautiful word. My eyes filled with tears as I enjoyed the tenderness of the moment. 

After I finished reading, Gus sat still taking it all in, then he turned to me and said " Well that was stupid."

I love that boy!

Today, my precious son volunteered for deployment. The details are not finalized but he is confident he is going. I knew the day was coming but I wasn't prepared for it to happen so soon. When he called, he told me he was ready and that he feels inside of him this is what he's supposed to be doing. I am proud of him for that. He wants to go for the right reasons.

Later I sent him a text and asked how the sixteen year old boy who wouldn't drive himself through Wendy's became the kind of person who volunteers to go to war. He laughed and then told me to shut up. 

I love that boy!

*Just In Case You Ever Wonder was written by Max Lucado

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ShEiLa said...

The book sounds delightful. It is hard to believe that the little boys that relied on us so much have grown up to do such grown up things. I bet you are a proud Mother indeed.