Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Momma Heaven

I'm not sure what happened this weekend because I haven't spoken to him today, but yesterday this is what Gus posted on his Facebook page:

Gus last night made me truly grateful for the few things i have in my life i don't have much but for what i do have i will never let go of them i love you mom Pj and yes you to dad thanks for the grate friends i have i appreciate all of you

Then, I received this text:


This child of mine is the most loving, caring boy in the world...but he doesn't want anyone to know it!  It is unexpected to receive such public and impulsive sentiments. All I know is I'm in 'momma' heaven!

*Disclaimer:  He does know how to spell. He also knows punctuation, but I'll be honest. He hardly uses it. Ha    Also, yikes! My phone is dir-tay!  I also covered personal information on the phone. Just trying to protect my boys!

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