Monday, July 19, 2010

More Than A Skillet

My name is Jane and I am a blog-oholic. I follow more than three hundred blogs. I love the mom blogs, the craft blogs, the gossip blogs, the home decorating blogs, the art blogs, the military family blogs and even the coupon blogs. But my favorite of all, are the cooking blogs.

I have a folder on my computer filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of recipes I'd like to try one day.  It's hard to resist saving them, as food bloggers are the best photographers. They make everything look so yummy!


Do you know what else I love about cooking blogs? They often have giveaways! I know many kinds of blogs have giveaways, but cooking blogs give the best stuff. I'm thrilled to tell you I am the proud new owner of a brand new deep cast iron skillet with a tempered glass lid! Kristen at Delightful Country Cookin' sponsered the giveaway and thankfully drew my name when one of her first winners didn't work out. So she drew again, and that's when I won!

I used to have a cast iron skillet, but had to leave it behind when I moved. This almost feels like a new beginning for me. It's is the first item I've collected for the new home I hope to have someday. In a weird way it gives me a bit of hope.

Thanks Kristen. You've given me more than a skillet.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You follow 300 blogs! I had not idea! Did you ever check out the one I sent you? They don't post often anymore, but I still check it, hoping that there will be a new post!


mistie said...
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ShEiLa said...

Congrats on your WIN! Yahoo!!

YOU deserve it keeping up with all the blogs.


Paula said...

I love the cooking blogs too! I love all things food related :)
Congrats on the skillet. Cooking in an iron skillet is one of my favorite things. I have one that belonged to my mother, she still has tons but I took one. I am looking forward to adding to my collection.