Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Didn't Think It Would Ever Leave

To summer I say, Good Riddance.  You make me grumpy and tired...not to mention hot and sweaty. I hate your bright rays in my eyes and you burn my skin. I hate how you chase the clouds away and you turn pretty green things, brown. I especially hate how late you stay in the sky before you set. Don't let the door hit you on your way out, Summer!

There is some confusion as to when summer really ends. Some say it's when school starts, yet others believe it's after Labor Day.  I know the official start to autumn is September 23rd, but for me, autumn starts the moment I see this:


Hello Autumn! Hello Halloween candy!  Hello down comforter. Hello crunchy, musty red leaves! Hello football games! Hello hot chocolate. Hello blustery days! Hello, hello, hello. I am so happy you're here. I hope you'll want to stay forever!


Anonymous said...

I hate the shorter daylight of late fall and winter! Give me sun, sun, sun!!!!!! :) But it is gorgeous right now!


ShEiLa said...

No kidding.

I love cooler temps. Makes me so happy.