Friday, October 15, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's time for Fill in the Blank Friday. I hope after you read my answers, you'll want to play along. Hurry over to the little things we do and join in!

Blogging is therapeutic for me. It's somewhere I can write how I'm feeling, or record what I've done. Having anyone care about what I write is a huge bonus!

A current fashion trend I wish I was brave enough to wear is  shoes. All of them. I love the super high heels, the booties, the over the knee boots..all of them! I wasn't blessed with grace or balance, so I pretend I don't care about what I'm missing while I wear boring shoes.

My greatest accomplishment in life thus far is of course, my boys. I'm also very proud of how I've conducted myself during my divorce. My boys are still close to their father and it makes me happy. I wouldn't want to be responsible for messing them up.

If I had to choose between a mountain or a beach vacation I would choose... the beach. I think it would surprise the people who know me best to hear me say that. But for some reason, the past year I've been drawn to the beach. For the forty some years before that i would have chosen a mountain vacation, no question.

A talent I wish I had is... to be able to dance. Again... I'm not so graceful.

A talent I do have is... I can make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies!

This week  has been wonderful. I am thrilled to be living where I am with the people I am.

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ShEiLa said...

I actually read this right after you posted it... in the wee hours of the morning. But there was alot going on (DIL in the ER) and I forgot to comment.

Thanks for reminding me I could do Fill in the Blank Friday while waiting for hospital updates.

I sure would like to try your chocolate chip cookies... guess I should have done that when you lived closer.