Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving Mom


I hope you'll forgive my absence the past few days. I have been ill again and though I'm doing a bit better, I still feel crummy.

I have two days to recover, then Becky and I are traveling to southern Utah. The family is gathering together to move my mom out of her house. She is going to live with my brother. I'm anticipating moving a lot of boxes and furniture. Even though mom won't be living on her own again, she can't seem to part with anything she owns. So we'll be putting most of her belongings into a storage unit. Then the rest will be loaded up to go to Gary's house.

I'll be honest with you. I'm not excited about this weekend. Not only do I not feel well, but my mom lives in the same town as Daddy-O. I am dreading the thought of going 'home' and not being able to 'go home'.  Memories of my marriage and my sons are on every street corner. I really miss those days, and I'm still wondering if I'll ever be as happy again.

Anyway, I'll be gone from my computer and thus this blog for about a week. I sure hope you'll get along okay without me. *wink*


Anonymous said...

Two days without a post with you being ill was bad enough! (I do hope you are feeling better!) A week to move your Mom? Not sure we can do it! Tell your Mom 'hi' for me. Remember, we had a lot of fun chatting at 7-Eleven and putting together stories from around town, not to mention the Ice Cream lady and my car! Think about those memories when the other memories are too much! :)


Kattrina said...

Hope you start feeling better from your illness soon - you'll need all the strength you can muster to move you mom.

And stay strong - memories can be hard to handle. I do truly think you will be happy again (even though I don't know you at all), and maybe even happier. You just have to believe that it will and believe in you. Cuz that's where happiness starts.

So keep the faith!

Ryan and Mistie said...

Hey Lady! Just wanted to say we love ya! Be strong!