Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Marine Corps


Today is the Marine Corps 235th birthday. When I realized it this morning, I spent a few moments remembering when my first Marine son, PJ, was fresh out of boot camp and attended his first ball. Because he was the youngest Marine attending he had the honor of accepting the second piece of cake. The first goes to the oldest Marine. I was thrilled for him when he shared that experience with his dad and I.

This afternoon, PJ called today to tell me he'd just learned Gus has been named Marine of the Quarter. PJ tried to explain the details to me, but I didn't understand the Marine jargon he used. What I think he said is, Hayden was nominated along with four other Marine's for the honor. They each had to go before a board made up of higher ranking Marine's who asked them a series of questions. They were judged on their answers, appearance, uniform and attitude, and somehow, my son came out with the honor.

I am, of course, bursting with pride. After hanging up with PJ, I immediately sent a text to Gus and asked why he didn't tell me. His answer was, "I didn't think it was important".  That boy! He keeps everything to himself, good or bad!  I learn what's happening in his life, not from him personally, but from Facebook.

This afternoon, on his wall he wrote:

"today i was told to think about the reason why i joined the marine corps... i joined to to feel like i was doing my save a be apart of something bigger.....most importantly i joined for me and that's something nobody can take away from me no matter how I'm treated here ill make it through and no one can tell me i didn't make happy bday marines corps" 


Happy Birthday Marine Corps. Thanks for everything.


ShEiLa said...

Happy Birthday Marines!

Congrats to Gus! not important... everything is important to a Mom.


Ryan and Mistie said...

Wow Mr. Marine! You have two very amazing boys!

Anonymous said...

That's very cool about Gus getting Marine of the Quarter. I suspect its a bigger honor than he will ever let on! I hope your sons know how much their service is appreciated!