Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Weird


Today was a bad day.  One of my boys hurt my feelings. I imagine I hurt his as well. I didn't mean to and I'm certain he didn't mean it either. We're just so far from each other. In just a few short minutes a couple times a week we want to express everything inside us. Sometimes, it doesn't work. It comes out wrong

I tried to make it right, but he was mad. As I think about it, he had a right to be. We're all still broken, my family and me. We haven't healed yet. We're confused why we love each other so much yet we aren't together. It's weird

The holidays make it worse. We aren't sure where to spend Christmas together. We each have our own idea. We want to be together but there isn't a perfect solution. We're tired. We're just so tired

I hope tomorrow we can talk again. This time maybe we can find a solution. Or at least say I'm sorry. And I'll say I love you. No matter what.


Paula said...

It does help to sleep on it. Everything always looks a little better in the morning.
I feel your pain. The holidays after my divorce were the worst. I didn't want to share my kids, but knew I would have to.
I hope you all can work through this and love each other more.

ShEiLa said...

Hard times for sure. I hope that all can be resolved today... if you didn't love each other so much it wouldn't hurt so bad.

I had a little of this yesterday with my youngest son... it amazes me how fast he can turn on me if he doesn't understand 'exactly' where I am coming from. I know he is acting on his own personal stresses so it made it easier to forgive.


Anonymous said...

I hope tomorrow is better for both of you!