Monday, November 15, 2010

Where Is It?

Last fall, Kraft decided it would no longer produce a favorite holiday product, Roka Blue Cheese Spread. It came in a small glass jar and was always found on the grocery store shelves next to this:


Becky, was disappointed last Thanksgiving when she could no longer purchase Roka Blue. She has a favorite cheese ball recipe that uses it. Kraft suggested we use regular cream cheese mixed with blue cheese, to replace the Roka. That mixture was much too strong! We tried several different variations, but none of them were satisfactory. Becky was heartbroken.

Hopeful she wasn't the only consumer disappointed with the decision to discontinue Roka Blue, she decided to write to Kraft.  She waited anxiously to hear back from them, but was disappointed again when an email arrived saying they were sorry, but they weren't changing their minds.

Fast forward to two weeks ago:  I heard Becky screaming downstairs. I ran down to see if she was alright. She was opening her mail and found a letter from Kraft. They explained, due to many complaints, they've decided to remake the product. It will be available from early November through the end of the year, the letter explained. Becky was overjoyed and immediately sent Trey to the grocery store to buy ten bottles. We were so happy!

But Trey came home empty handed. The grocery store did not have Roka Blue on their shelves. Since that day, we've been back again and again looking for the cheese spread. We have yet to find it.

I am asking for your help in locating this product. I don't want to see my usually happy sister be disappointed another Holiday season so I'd really love to find it. Please, when you're doing your grocery shopping, will you just look to see if your store carries Roka Blue? Then leave me a message telling me where you found it?

Helping her find a few jars of her favorite cheese spread would mean so much to her... and to me.  After all she does for me, finding Roka Blue is the least I can do for her.


Ryan and Mistie said...

On the Case.

ShEiLa said...


just curious... can you get it online??? I will look for sure. I will even mail it to you if I find it way down here.


"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I ran across your blog recently and enjoy reading, hope you don't mind. I live in Oklahoma and while I was out buying my last-minute groceries for Thanksgiving, guess what I found? Rok-Blu!!!!! Tons of it! I found a huge display of it at Crest Food Store (a huge chain in Oklahoma). I bought a jar in your honor and am hoping you'll post the cheese ball recipe. If you want some of this fine cheese, let me know and maybe we can figure out how to get some to you. They had gobs of it!

Jamie in Oklahoma