Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Is Wrapping Gifts

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I've been banned to the bedroom while Santa (a.k.a Becky) wraps mountains of gifts. I am enjoying the solitude and hope it lasts just a bit longer. I am very much a loner, and in this house, I don't get the opportunity for hiding very often. That's a good thing, really.

We are running into the big city this afternoon for those few things we forgot. It's snowing out, so that combined with wrapping gifts and crowded stores, it really feels like Christmas is only a few days away.

I am so excited for Gus to arrive Christmas Eve, I can hardly stand it! He drove across the country this past weekend, nearly giving me a heart attack because he refused to check in. How was I supposed to know he wasn't dead on the side of a road somewhere in New Mexico?  After more than twelve hours he sent a text telling me to chill and let him drive. Crazy kid. I'm certain he stopped for gas at least once during those hours, would it have hurt him to let me know how he was?  Thankfully, he arrived safely in Utah yesterday and is in our old hometown, spending time with friends.

Greg made pecan logs last night. OMGosh! That man can make the candy! He started with penuche, and dipped it in caramel and then rolled it in chopped pecans. Amazing. I dreamed about it all night. I wanted to sneak a slice this morning, but Becky promptly locked me in here, so I haven't been able to get to it. I'm dying.

I should be showered and dressed so I'm ready when, Becky is ready to leave, but I've spent most of the morning on the phone with my best friend instead. Therefore, I need to hit Publish Post and get moving. I hope you all have a festive and warm last Monday before Christmas!

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