Friday, January 14, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday. A Little Late.


I hate that I missed Fill In The Blank Friday. I had someone contact me to find out why I didn't participate. That made my day! Thanks for missing me blog friend!

This past week was a rough, feel sorry for me week. Because I'm trying very hard to be TRUE (my word of the year) I decided to go with it. But I also chose not to say more about it on the blog. I want to be true to me, but I don't want to drive all of you crazy with my whining. Right?

It's a quiet night in the house, so I thought it would be fun for me, and whoever else cares, if I fill in the blank a little late. I won't link up because it's probably too late, but just in case you want to read what others wrote, click here to visit the little things we do.

I feel happy when I am grocery shopping. I know I've mentioned it a hundred times before but going to the grocery store makes me so happy! I love preparing and eating food, but it's more than that. I feel so grateful to live at a time when food is so readily available and abundant. Hunger should not exist. There is really no excuse for it.


I get silly when I'm with my sisters. For some reason everything seems happier and more funny when I am with them!

Something that makes me sad is when my boys hurt...whatever the  reason. When my children hurt, it hurts me a hundred times more than it does them. 

Something that makes me annoyed is rude people. Just today I had an experience that still has my feathers ruffled. I drove to Walmart, found the perfect parking place, and just as I was turning to pull in, some stupid little snot decided she needed an entire parking place to unload her cart. She saw me and didn't care! To top her rudeness off, she left her cart in the space instead of taking it to the return. I was livid!

A time I've been truly surprised was when my gynecologist told me I had a brain tumor and it was causing the female problems I was seeing him for. Wait. What??

I'm so thankful for my boys and the 'I love you...goodnight' texts they send almost every night.

I feel loved when I am heard. It means so much when a family member or close friend will take the time to truly listen to me. I love nothing more than a good conversation with someone I care about.


Anonymous said...

Glad you posted. Always better late than never! I owe you an email. Have had a cold for 2 weeks and just haven't been up to it. Hope all is well!


monica said...

love all of your answers! hope you had a great weekend!

xo monica