Monday, January 3, 2011

Hope For A Better Year

I hope with all my might, 2011 will finally bring much needed relief for me and my guys. We've had two very painful years in a row and we could sure use a break.  But if the first two days of the year are any indicition, the horrors may not be over. This past week has been filled with terrible moments, leaving us with little hope for a fresh start with the new year.

I've always believed there is a reason for everything. So I'm holding onto the unknown and praying it brings peace and happiness to us. I think we deserve it. I'm proud of the way we have handled ourselves through all we've endured but it's time for some fun!

So please 2011, bring us good times and good health. Bless us with great memories and proud moments. We need laughter and prosperity. For every good moment you bring, we promise to break it in half and share. Because I'm pretty sure, we're not the only ones who need a change.

Welcome 2011. We're putting our faith in you.


Ryan and Mistie said...

Hey, wishing you all the best for the coming year. We love you and those boys!

Lin said...

I'm putting a lot of faith in this new year too. I hope it brings you lot of love & happiness!