Friday, January 21, 2011

Howdy Darlin'. How Far Along Are Ya'?

In April of 1989, the small town where I lived was alive with excitement. Soviet gymnasts were coming to the local college to participate in an exhibition with the USA's top gymnasts. The cold war had not yet ended so we were thrilled and a bit apprehensive to have the Soviets in town. Or maybe it was just me who was apprehensive. I truly was (and still am) scared of everything.

Tim Daggett

I worked at the local 7-11 at the time, and I was also pregnant with my first baby. But that didn't stop me from secretly gawking at all the well built male gymnasts who came into the store. I even had the thrill of having Tim Daggatt, 1986 Olympic gold medalist, wink at me. At first I was silly with excitement, thenI was horrified when I realized my sister in law, who was not scared of anything, told him I had a crush on him. It was embarrassing beyond belief!

Lee Greenwood

During that eventful week, Lee Greenwood came to town. He was to perform a concert for the gymnasts and anyone else who purchased a ticket. Of course, Daddy-O and I didn't have extra money for concerts, so I, along with my sister Becky and our neighbor Tracey, decided to go to the airport to be part of the crowd who welcomed Mr Greenwood when he flew in. We figured that would make up for not being able to go to the concert.

We made it just minutes before the plane was scheduled to arrive. There wasn't much of a crowd...only twenty people or so. We stood by the fence and watched the plane land. We were surprised when Mr Greenwood came over to talk to us. He walked right up to me and had a short conversation.

Him:  Howdy darlin'! How far along are ya?

Me: I'm due next month

Him:  Well don't be havin' that baby tonight!

Me: I won't.

And that ladies and gentlemen is one of my lame brushes with greatness. Happily, my mother in law, who worked for the college, got a couple tickets last minute so I was able to go to the concert after all. I'm happy to report, true to my word, I did not have my baby that night.

Fast forward to a couple of weekends ago. Gus called and before I could say hello, he said "Mom. Do you know who Lee Greenwood is?"  I immediately had a small freak out  (because that's how I am). I asked him why and he said Mr Greenwood was on base signing autographs and visiting with the Marines. He asked Gus what his name was and when Gus told him, he said he knew someone with that same last name years ago. We have kind of an unusual last name so he wondered if it could have been any of our relatives he knew.

I would like to think it was me Lee Greenwood remembered. But I didn't tell him my name, so it couldn't be. But isn't it weird... Not weird weird, but like exciting weird (name that movie!)... that both of us, Gus and I, would have an experience with the same country singer?  Twenty years apart? It has to mean something. Right? 

While I ponder the meaning of all of this, I am including a video of Lee Greenwood singing God Bless The USA for your enjoyment. Even after all these years, it still gives me chills.

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Brittany said...

I remember going to the airport! I think of that every time I hear Lee Greenwood :) Was it my mom that told on you to the Daggett guy? She would.