Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rude People Make Me Mad

I went to the grocery store with my sister the other day. She was paying for her purchases and I stepped away to look at something. The next thing I know I hear someone screaming "Look out!". I turn my head and see and older woman on one of these:


racing toward me. It only took a moment to realize she was going to run me over! Thankfully, I jumped out of the way just in time, but as you can imagine I was furious! I considered chasing her down and telling her what I thought, but decided to just let it go. Even thinking about it now makes me so angry! Why couldn't she just stop or slow the stupid thing down? If you can't drive them, you shouldn't be using them. Honestly!

Another day, just before Christmas, I walked into Walmart with my sister. She needed to make a return so we were standing with in line to get the little sticker the greeters put on the returns. An older woman on of those awful scooters pulls up behind us and screams very loudly "Get out of the way!!!"  There was absolutely no need for that and I was ready to let her have it, but Becky pulled me away.

Why do they think they deserve to run me down and scream at me? I was minding my own business.These aren't the only experiences I've had with people on scooters. A couple of years ago, Daddy-O and I were looking at toothbrushes in our local Walmart. We were the only two people in the aisle until a man pulled up on his scooter. He told us to move, then he proceeded to push his way in to where we were standing. I was appalled. To make matters worse, he curtly asked us to reach the product he wanted because he couldn't reach it sitting down. Really?? You couldn't wait your turn? You couldn't ask nicely? Because you're disabled or whatever, you have to go first?

I am not complaining about scooters. I understand their purpose and I have great respect for those who struggle physically but still get out to do their shopping. I am thrilled when I can help someone reach for something, or hand them something they cannot get to. I am happy to move out of the way as I understand the scooters are cumbersome and difficult to handle in small aisles. However, I do not care what your disability is, you still need to be polite and patient. Just like everyone else.

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ShEiLa said...

I agree.
The need for social skills and being polite never goes away... and if you drive a scooter it doesn't give you a right to be rude. You have had some shocking experiences though... good grief.