Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

I always loved Valentines Day. As a child, I remember writing my name on the back of dozens of valentines for my school classmates while carefully, choosing the best ones for my favorite friends. When my children were home, I always had a valentine for them in the morning so they'd know how loved they were. Then, in the afternoon, I'd watch while they camped out by the front door trying to catch their friends when they heard the doorbell ring. It was such fun watching them race to find who left the goodies by the door and ran. I miss those days.

It's a lonely day for those of us without someone special. Maybe it would be easier if I didn't enjoy it so much for so many years. I hear all the time of those who think it's a commercial day and they don't celebrate. Of course, it has become commercial. Every holiday has. But I truly believe in the little things being most important and today is the perfect day proving it. It just takes a small token to bring a smile to the face of those we love.

I truly hope you're day will be filled with simple joys. But if you're like me, and missing those you love, or feeling lonely, maybe we can enjoy the day too just by sharing a smile or making a phone call to someone who could use a friend. Pass on the love. That's what today is for, after all.

The Loneliest Day of the Year
by Gerard Lebel

Here we are again…
approaching the doorstep
of another Happy Valentine’s Day.

A day for which young
school children prepare for by
cutting, pasting,
drawing and folding
colored paper into cards
to give to their loving parents
and special fellow classmates.

A time for handing out and nibbling
on little pastel heart candies
with loving messages for our
devoted friends such as...
‘You’re the Tops‘,
‘My Secret Love’ or
‘Be Mine‘.

A day for lovers
to celebrate the affection
they have together discovered
by sending long-stemmed
red roses and Godiva chocolates.
It’s also a day of first kisses,
extraordinary smiles
and even marriage proposals.

But for some, it’s a day
to be reminded of all that
is now vacant from their lives.
So many are long past their school days
of hand-made cards and crushes.
For others, there will be no candy hearts…
no red roses or dark chocolates delivered…
no kisses or special smiles given…
and certainly no marriage proposals.

For millions of seniors…
orphaned children…
and the homeless…
it’s just another cold, empty
and lonely day…

And any day that you’re unloved is
The loneliest day of the year.

© Copyright 2008 Gerard Lebel
All rights reserved


Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to let you know you are being thought of today. Hugs!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post! Hope the day wasn't all bad! Have a great week!