Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What A Difference


What a difference a day makes! The clouds have parted (not literally...it's snowing outside!) and the sun is shining.. (again, not literally).  My bad attitude from the weekend is gone and I'm feeling happy again.

All it took was sleeping in, a heart to heart with my sister, a couple of delicious cookies and a few sweet words from a very dear friend. Okay, it didn't really take all of that, but all of it did help to make a really good day.

Unfortunately I think I'm starting to get sick. My throat is scratchy, my ears are itchy and my eyes are watery. Becky has a sore throat and swollen glands, and Trey has a fever tonight, so it seems some terrible germ has hit the house. Therefore, I am going to bed super early and pray I can sleep it away.

1 comment:

Nicole Bingham said...

I'm sorry you're getting sick, that is no fun! Get well soon.

XoXo Nicole Mariana