Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank Heavens For Netflix

I haven't been feeling well the past week or so. I'm not sick, just dizzy. It's hard to do anything when my head is spinning around. I keep hoping when I wake in the morning, it will be gone, but so far no luck. I still have my fingers crossed for tomorrow though.

We had a quiet weekend. My niece came home. One of her college friends got married and she came up for the reception. The whole family went, but I chose to stay home. It was a good decision. I don't get a lot of alone time, so I quite enjoyed it. I went to Walmart. I need a new mouse pad. I am looking for one of those with the gel wrist support. My wrist has been aching quite a bit. Of course, they didn't have one. In fact, they didn't have any mouse pads. I think that's lame. I did buy a bag of Reisen chocolate caramels. I love those. So Walmart wasn't a total waste.

We spent quite a bit of time watching movies the past few days. We saw Knight & Day, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I thought it was really fun.  Becky, who isn't much of a TC fan, mentioned she enjoyed it so much she even forgot he was in it. That made me laugh.

We also watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid....super cute movie. Then we saw Romana and Beezus. Slow but sweet. I am developing a huge crush on Josh Duhamel. It seems he's popping up all over movie land and I'm not complaining. That Fergie is one lucky girl. I can't help but wonder what she did right to deserve him.

Our Netflix cue is getting low, so if you have any suggestions for must see movies, please share. I'd really appreciate it.

Well there you have boring weekend. Thank heavens for Netflix. Can you imagine what the past two days would have been like without it? I shudder to think.


mistie said...

I have been on a documentary kick on Netflix. My faves are "dogs decoded: nova" and one that is really quite dry/slow, but fascinating ...about amazing paper folding, oragami for the experts ... "between the folds". And, a kinda funny one "the parking lot movie"

Paula said...

I love Netflix too. I only have the online/wireless version so far but am a little disappointed on the choices they offer that way. I may have to bite the bullet and pay the extra 2.00 per month to get DVDs. Still a good deal.
We watched Grown Ups on our Netflix this weekend. It was super funny, had a good message and was family friendly for our teenager. A thumb's up for sure!