Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will They or Won't They Live Happily Ever After?

I had a lovely, lazy day today. It was Becky's day off and we spent the morning, in our pajamas watching TV and sharing our opinions on everything we saw. I didn't even get in the shower until three in the afternoon. Gross but so worth it.

We just finished watching the finale to The Bachelor and After The Final Rose. I have so much to say about all of it, but I just don't have time to type it all out right now.  I need to get to bed early because Becky and I are going into the city in the morning. I will say this though, I loved Emily all the way through and I'm so happy Brad chose her. As for after the rose, I appreciate their honesty and the fact they didn't pretend everything was hunky dory....but maybe they each said a bit too much??   I honestly hope they can get past all of this and live happily ever after.

I loved what Ryan said when he was asked to give them advice. He said, speaking to Emily, if you were told you were going to find the perfect man for you, who you would love with all your heart and you would live a happy life with him, but you had to go through some hurt first, would you still choose him? Amen Ryan! I loved that. It's exactly how I feel about not only The Bachelor/ette relationships, but it's true in life also. There is always bad with the good. You have to accept both.

With that, I am off to bed. If you watched the show I would love to hear your thoughts. I can't wait until May when The Bachelorette starts! I wish I could stay awake to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live to see who she will be, but I'll just have to read the boards tomorrow to find out. I really hope it's Michelle, but I think it's going to be Ashley H. 

I'm off to bed where I will hopefully be having sweet dreams about my own happily ever after!

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Lin said...

I haven't watched this show since that O'Connell guy was on so I have no clue what's going one ha-ha. I hope however the dude picked was the right girl :)