Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Darn It

Okay, so you know how I've been complaining about my hair the past couple of weeks? I told you how horrible it looked. Remember? It was much too long, fuzzy and outgrown. That's not to mention the massive amount of grey roots that added to the already terrible look.

I hate looking for  a new stylist...it's the worst part of moving to a new town. I stressed about who to call and where to go for several weeks, before Becky had finally had enough! She picked up the phone book, chose a salon at random, then called and made an appointment. I was so grateful.

I arrived at the chosen salon at the appointed time and was pleasantly surprised to see someone warm and friendly greet me. That was a good sign. The only problem? Her hair was soooooo dated. It was cute, but my best friend in high school almost thirty years ago had the very same cut. I was worried.

We had a conversation about what I was looking for and I started to feel confident she could make it happen. I didn't ask for much, just a medium brown color with a few highlights, and a simple haircut that would sit at my shoulders. Oh, and I warned her not to use any red. I hate red on me.  She got out her color book and we chose the color together, so I was pretty sure it would all be okay.

Let me say this, she was darling. She made me feel very comfortable as she chattered about her kids and her life. She seemed to know what she was doing so I relaxed and enjoyed having someone pamper me for a bit.  I was really hoping I had easily found 'the one' I would rely on for my hair needs as long as I live here.

You probably already know what I'm going to say next. My. hair. is. awful. I mean it. I hate it so much! The color is not brown. It's not even in the brown family. I'm not really sure what color it is. I mean it's probably a bit in the brown family, but it's more golden with a red tint. I was so unhappy when I saw it, but at that point, what could I say? I smiled and said thank you, then I cried all the way home.


I hate it. I truly do. I hate everything about it. I hate the color. I hate the cut. I hate that somehow my shirt got a blob of bleach on it, thus ruining it and no one mentioned a thing about it! The only thing I like about it is it's not longer grey.  I seriously considered going somewhere else to have the color fixed, but decided money is precious and I can easily just stay inside for the next several weeks.

I had such high hopes, but I guess in two months, I will start the search... and the stress all over again.  I can hardly wait.

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Lin said...

Oh wow...yeah that's not brown AT ALL. The cut isn't so bad, you can always style it a little differently but the color, yeah she was totally off.

Sorry it didnt work out. Maybe you can go to a more modern/hip place next time. Hopefully they'll be able to tell brown from blondish lol.