Friday, May 20, 2011

fill in the blank friday


Yea! Fill in the blank friday is back! If you want to play along visit Lauren at the little things we do.

People always tell me I look like a scary witch. Just kidding! I sometimes hear I look a bit like Diane Keaton, but only when I'm wearing glasses.

A little bit?? No?
Friends don't let friends get involved with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am cracking myself up tonight! Okay, I'm not that funny...anyway, friends don't let friends be alone in any situation where they need someone to have their back.

A sunny day is perfect for other people. I prefer the clouds myself. But I suppose a sunny day would come in handy for hiking, golfing or any other outdoor activity.

My favorite accessory is a cheap ring I bought at American Eagle. I know it was mass produced and everyone probably owns one just like it, but I really love how it looks and fits.

If I could afford it I would buy a home on both the east coast, and the west coast and spend my year flying back and forth seeing my boys.

The cure for boredom is a good movie and yummy snacks. Or, perhaps a nap would do it.

I am currently 'in like' with Hulu, dreyers fruit bars (especially pineapple), my newest nail polish (it's a very pretty pink...perfect for summer), the rain we've been having for the past four days, and the Disney movie, Tangled.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I would like to have a home on both coasts. Love your list.

Beth McC. said...

Such a fun post and your blog is too cute! I lol over your Schwarzenegger comment! Happy Friday!

Laura said...

Visiting from fill in the blank Friday. I love the song on your playlist now - That's What I Love About Sunday. That song always makes me happy and think of sunny days.

A home on both coasts sounds lovely, but not so great that you have sons so far flung!

And who cares if other people have your ring? Besides, if it's a few years old, I'm sure they all got bored w/it by now. You're safe.

Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog said...

Like your fun attitude!

Homes on both coasts would be wonderful, but the flights would be a little hard!!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Lin said...

Haha, you're being SO silly today! You're on a roll with the Schwarzenegger joke, it was funny.

Buying a house on the east and westcoast would be totally awesome, especially cause then you could visit me in CA :)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

The part of owning a home on both East and West coast sounds pretty amazing if only it could come true... that would be pretty nice...

Linda said...

How about a house on each coast and one in the middle of America here in Kansas where I live! Then we could be friends! (smile)

I love a good movie...and my 44 year old daughter and I went to see Tangled together! (Without any of the granddaughters! ha) We loved it.

Sunny days are nice...but not too hot. And a cloudy rainy day is fun sometimes it makes everything lush and green and waters all the flowers!

Happy Friday!