Monday, May 9, 2011

I Belong In The Mountains

Maybe you remember last month when I shared my hair looked like this:


It doesn't look like that anymore, now it looks like this:


If only. At least the Donald doesn't have two inches of grey outgrowth. He is so lucky. He gets whatever he wants.

I still haven't had my hair cut or colored and it's horrible. The grey is so obvious it screams and the shape from my last cut is gone. It's overgrown and fuzzy which would be great if I wanted to live in the mountains with only a sheep and a tent, but I kind of like civilization. Call me crazy.

I took this picture with my cell phone's horrible camera. But you get the idea.


Please someone help me. I need a husband and what kind of man wants to be strapped to someone who looks like this?? I'm doomed.

The problem is I have to find a new stylist and I just cannot decide where to start. Becky and I have driven all over, looking at salons and we haven't found a single one either one of us is willing to try. We find a reason for not liking any one of them, but truthfully, I think we're just scared.

They say it's only hair. But when you don't have anything special going for you then hair is everything!

I can't stand it any longer, so, I am going to have it done this week. Please pray for me. I am terrified.

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