Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Choose Happy


I don't think it's any secret the past couple of years have not been my happiest. I've been through some very difficult days. Complete healing is coming slow to me, but lately I've realized trying to find even the smallest bit of happy in each day really helps. It could be as simple as sharing a funny memory with my sister or letting my dog lick my face but it helps volumes in chasing the blues away.

This afternoon Becky told me of a news piece she saw on CBS News Sunday Morning titled The Pursuit of Happiness. She was excited about what she heard, and told me a bit about it, but I wanted to know more. Luckily it was easy to find and I was able to watch the entire story. It was really quite interesting.

I would take forever and I would bore you to death if I tried to summarize it all for you. There was too much information. But in a nut shell, we need to think about happiness and what will make us happy. It's suggested a good place to start is with our body. Simple things as getting enough sleep and finding time to exercise every day will increase our energy and mood and will allow us to focus on other things that will make us happy.

Something else that was suggested was improving relationships. If we take the time to visit those we love, to connect and build stronger relationships it will add to our happiness.

I think both those examples are kind of obvious, but honestly, how committed are we to them? I know I've certainly slacked off in both areas the past years.

If you want to be more happy than you currently are, then I encourage you click here to listen to the news story. It is filled with information that might motivate you, as it has me, to choose happy.

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Ryan and Mistie said...

We <3 CBS Sunday Morning. It's a must here at our house! There are enough news stories that are sad, scary, depressing and frustrating. We love the lightness that show brings! (And you learn. A lot.)