Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sara's Words


If you know anything about me, you know I love The View. It's a must see every single day for me. I love those women! I don't always agree with them but I respect their opinions and different views of the same issues.

CBS has The Talk. Have you seen it? It's a knock off of the view and for me, it's not must see. However, I do enjoy it occasionally and I think most of the women who host it work perfectly together. It seems a bit more relaxed and casual than The View, but I suppose that's because they don't have Barbara Walters keeping them in shape!


I watched an episode last week where Sara Gilbert spoke of her dream of being asked to speak at her Alma Mater, Yale, graduation ceremonies. She joked Tom Hanks was asked this year, but she was sure she was second on this list. Anyway, she read what she would have said if she had indeed been chosen to address the Yale graduates. I loved it and wanted to save it, so I rewound the video, and wrote it down to share.

"Go after the life you want. Picture it. Grab it. Don't believe anyone's no's, because there will be a lot of them and those are about their limitations and not yours.

Do things that scare you. Jump out of an airplane once in your life (but no more than once). If you're scared to dance, then do it on national television! (She was referring to her own fear of dancing and her challenge to dance on the show)

Travel and when you're there, talk to people you don't know because everyone has a story.

Be original. Be more you.  Love with all your heart and get your heart broken. Most importantly, give with all your soul. When you think of just you in anything- work, love, life- you will fail.  You succeed when you help others succeed.

And, I'll quote Winston Churchill, "You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give. "

I LOVED everything she said. 

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