Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Christmas "Bugs"

I am really enjoying the Christmas season this year. It's been refreshing to feel excitement about shopping, baking, decorating and counting down the days! I can hardly wait for Christmas Eve when we can relax and enjoy all that's gone into making these days so special.

Sadly, I have a few gripes too. Let's be honest... I wouldn't be me if I didn't. I am really trying to see only the good in things, but sometimes the negative is just too much to overlook. But I will say this in my own defense, I was thinking of sharing a top five list of things that annoy me this Christmas, but I could only come up with three! See! I am doing much, much better. I think last year, I could have found twenty to list.

Anyway, here we go. The top three things that bug me this holiday season.

1.  Annoying sales people with annoyingly fake whiny baby voices. Please! Just use your God given voice to ask me if I need help! I counted sixteen of these voices while shopping with Becky last week. In one day! Sixteen! Women, please. It's not cute to talk this way. Just be you. Quit trying to fake sweetness. We appreciate you're probably not having fun at work during this month and it's okay. Be pleasant. But don't be fake. Please.

Oh. And don't follow me around asking if I need help. I appreciate being asked once, after that it just makes me mad! Becky and I were shopping for pajamas, and I'm not kidding, every single time we picked up a pair to look at, one saleswoman popped out of thin air to tell us how cute they were! Needless to say we didn't buy any at that particular store (Hello Nordstoms). Okay we did. Because they have the cutest pajamas ever, but we did not buy them from the buggy baby voiced stalker saleswoman. We found a normal person to check us out.

2.  Mall Christmas decorations. Where are they?? I've been so disappointed with the lack of decorations out in the malls this year. Every Christmas I look forward to seeing the extravagant decorations throughout the stores. This year it looks like they borrowed a few of my Grandma's old decorations and put no effort into arranging them up. I swear I spend more money when it looks nice. I can prove that by saying the only money I've spent at the mall this year was when I bought pajamas from Nordstroms.  I am just not feeling it . Sorry mall. But it's your fault.

3. Okay. This one is my biggest gripe:

Why on earth would Best Buy think it was a good idea to be so mean to Santa? It's not just Best Buy though. Have you noticed how mean spirited television is becoming?  Do you remember this one:

I also saw a commercial for a sitcom recently titled, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. That bugs me. I know I got off track, but seriously. Quit being so mean everybody. I think maybe our priorities are a bit off track if we're being so hateful to our husband, daughters and even Santa Claus!

Oh! I almost forgot my all time biggest Christmas pet peeve. So as a bonus to my list, here is #4:

Santa Baby. Do I need to say more?

I. Hate. That. Song.  Why? See #2. 

To end things on a happier note, I have to tell you a funny story. When shopping earlier this week, Becky bought a gift for Greg in the tool department at Sears. We left the store and walked into a shoe store and their alarm system went off. It was Becky's bag. So we trudged back to Sears and they couldn't find any reason why that would happen. So we left Sears, and went to a clothing store and again the alarm went off. It happened in every single store we visited that day at the mall, except Sears. No one could ever figure out why it was happening, but I thought it was hilarious. Becky? Not so much.  Ha!


Lin said...

I'm sort of enjoying the Christmas season too. Last year I was all Debbie Downer but this year just seems different. Better.

Haha, I just saw that Best Buy commercial a few minutes ago & I was like "aw, poor santa! What a biatch."

Anonymous said...

I think that cellphone commercial is the WORST! I hate it and would never use their service because it is so MEAN! I too have noticed that the stores have hardly tried to decorate for Christmas. Glad I did most of my shopping online or with QVC!

Glad you are back and doing better!!!


Kattrina said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the Best Buy commercial. It's not really a competition people. I also get annoyed when I see the You Tube videos of kids that hate their presents. Show a little appreciation. I would be humiliated if my kid acted like that and I would NEVER think it was funny nor post it on You Tube. Annoying.

Glad your having a fun Christmas. Our mall is decorated very nicely with a HUGE poinsettia tree that is two stories tall. My husband and I got our pic taken in front of it - they put it up every year and I love it!

Merry Christmas!!