Thursday, May 17, 2012

I See You Rolling Your Eyes

Photobucket I just noticed how much I add video to my posts. At first I felt lazy about it, then I decided I do not care. I want to share what I enjoy and what I love. If you choose not to watch, then I think you're missing out. Ha!

You know how you're waiting for a prescription at the pharmacy, then some woman sits down to you and starts telling you all her health problems? You probably, like me, roll your eyes to yourself and politely listen. Well guess what? Today I am the woman who sits by you and you should cue the eye roll, because I'm going to tell you all about my health problems.

It's part of my story, so that's why I'm writing it out. Just like the video's, if you don't want to read it, then don't. It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

Last fall, I started to feel dizzy. I knew from a MRI performed several years ago, I had four brain tumors. At that time, they were small and not doing anything so my surgeon advised I live my life and not worry until I started to feel them. Well, last summer I started to feel them. It progressively got worse, to the point I was walking into walls. I finally saw my surgeon, had a new MRI and it was determined I had to have surgery.

This is a hereditary thing in my family. We grow brain tumors. Some of us also grow tumors on the other organs such as the pancreas or kidneys. There have been a few who grow them on the adrenal gland. The nice part is they are non cancerous. I feel so blessed for that fact alone.

For everyone else in my family, the brain tumors are all on the outside of the brain, just under the skull. I of course, am the odd man out and I grow them deep. This time there were two tumors, intertwined in the fourth ventricle. It is as scary as it sounds. The other two tumors, thankfully were still quite small and growing on the outside of the brain.

I was scheduled for surgery Jan 10. I was excited to get in there and get those tumors out. I was tired of being dizzy, but grateful I didn't have more symptoms, such as headaches. I remember chatting happily with the orderly who took me to the OR. That's all I remember because then I was out.

I do have a faint memory of going in for a second surgery a few days later. The surgeon was not able to get all the two intertwined tumors, so he ordered another MRI to be able to see all of it. Thankfully, he finally got it. 

I don't remember much for the following month. I know it hurt to open my eyes for weeks. I also realize after about a week, I was moved to a local care center and I didn't do well. I truly thought I was there for over a week, but was told later it was only two and half days. It was so awful that I don't even like to remember it. I hated it there. I then went back to the hospital and I was there for another week.

I thought I'd feel all better, but I've battled vertigo and nausea since I finally was able to come home. Every movement hurt. It's been a very slow recovery.

I had an appointment with the surgeon sometime after I came home to have my stitches removed. It was then I learned he removed all four tumors! I wasn't expecting that and it made me so, so happy! I am now brain tumor free and I haven't been that way for a very long time.

I am still dizzy and the surgeon couldn't promise it would ever go away. Great. But I am getting better every week so I've decided I'll show him! I know now when I can push, and when I should relax. I'm starting to venture out and go to the grocery store alone. That's huge for me! I even made a trip to Walmart today. That was hard, but I did it.

Like the lady at the pharmacy, I could go on and on and tell you so much more. But I think that's enough. I'm just glad it's all behind me.

I am alive. That makes me happy!


Lin said...

What great news! I'm so happy for you & the fact that you can now shop alone :)

And I promise, there was absolutely no eye rolling going on.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing better. Can't believe I just got to reading this entry. A week is definitely the longest I've gone without checking your blog even when you didn't update for months. May is always crazy!