Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Picture Anyone?

Are you like me and so excited for the Olympics to start? I admit it. I didn't watch any of the qualifying, but it's only because I never have the remote. Somebody else always has it. But, I have let it be known I will be watching the games...come hell or high water.

I saw this today and it made me smile. Yes, I know. I am showing another video. But I love this so much I want to share. Please watch it. It's only a minute and twenty nine seconds long. It will make you happy. I swear.

I think I'd cry like the little boy did if David Beckham came into my photo booth!  I love him. He's a true gentleman. Not to mention a great father...he always has kids with him and that impresses me. I think it's awesome he took time to meet the people of his country.

Go USA! Go England!

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited. It will be fun to watch the Opening Ceremony and the different events!