Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Try This Thing Again

I wonder if anyone is still out there? I hope so. I cherished all of you so much. But I completely understand if you've moved on. It's been several months since I've even been here.

When I wrote the last few times, I had just started my life here with Daddy-O and we had so much to talk about and work though. I just didn't have the time (or energy) to blog too. So I kind of disappeared. But I've missed blogging and recording my life and I've been wanting to come back. So here I am.

A lot has happened in the past six months or so. Some day, I'll write it all out and share it. But for now, I just want to start from today. Just for the record,  I am still with Daddy-O in California. Also living with us is PJ and Gus's wife, Lanie, who is with us until Gus is out of the Marine Corps in June.  She has been a joy and I'm so glad she's here to keep my company all day...even if she does make me feel old and frumpy because she's so young and pretty.

Do you ever wish you could do it all over again? I do. But since I can't, I will try to grow old gracefully. Or at least pretend it's not making me want to hide in my bed all day. Because it is.

Anyway, that rant was a bit off subject, but the thing is...I'm back! And, if you're still here then thank you! 


paddocks said...

I for one am happy to see you back! Keep the posts coming k..:)

Ryan and Mistie said...

Missed you, my friend!!!

Anonymous said...


Lin said...

You're back! We've definitely missed you.

You're in CA now & still with your it! Where in CA are you, anywhere near SoCal? Email me if you are, maybe we can get together for lunch one day :)