Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Believe

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 Since Call the Midwife is over for the season, I didn't know what to watch on tv tonight. I settled on The Long Island Medium. I always enjoy her. I find her to be really a sister or a next door neighbor. I would tell her anything and kinda wish I had the chance to visit with her.

I watched a couple episodes, but her new one got to me. I was sobbing while watching it! A very sweet, but truly distraught girl was receiving a reading concerning her deceased husband. He died while fishing with his son. They were in a canoe, I believe, and the boy fell out. The dad jumped in after him and got the boy to safety, but then died because he was too exhausted to save himself. Tragic.

Anyway, during the reading, Theresa asked the wife if she prays with her children. I guess the spirit of the husband asked. The wife said no. She doesn't pray anymore. She said they used to pray as a family for health and for their family, but since he's gone there isn't anything to pray for. Theresa then said the husband asked if she would please pray for them.

Okay. I lost it. I cried for probably ten minutes! I totally relate to this woman. I have always been a spiritual person. I attended and was active in my church. I followed the teachings and truly believed what I was taught. I prayed with my kids and I tried very hard to teach them what I believed.

But when my family split up, I found I could no longer attend church. I didn't lose faith in my beliefs but I did lose faith in my dreams. I did everything right. Or, as right as I could. So why did this happen? I still don't get it.

My kids must have felt the same, though we've never spoken about it. But they don't attend anymore either.

I live my life according to what I was brought up to believe. I could walk back into church and not have to change anything about myself. It's who I am, but I have no desire to go back alone. I need to be with my family and until my kids are there with me, I won't go.

I logged into the TLC website hoping to see what happened to this woman since her reading. I was curious if it changed her at all. Unfortunately, I couldn't find her though I found others from the episode. I'll probably always wonder about her. I really felt connected to her.

I'm not sure why I'm sharing all this, but it really meant something to me. I guess I could never explain before why I don't participate in a church I really love. I understand it now.

I also want to say this: I don't generally believe in Mediums, but I really do believe Theresa is for real. I certainly wish I could bump into her sometime but I'm afraid I'd be disappointed and no one who has passed would have anything to say to me.

"Shh...everybody be quiet. Don't say a word to her. Let her figure it out all by herself."

Yeah. That's how it would be.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Long Island Medium. Theresa is the BEST. I really didn't believe in Mediums, I thought they simply tricked answers out of people, the person's name starts with an 'H' or a 'J' or an 'M', etc. We all know someone whose name starts with one of those letters! But what Theresa tells the people she talks to is so SPECIFIC that someone or something is talking to her and telling her things she couldn't possibly know. Watching her show, even when its sad makes me happy! I was telling my boss this afternoon, again, that she has to watch it because it is so much fun and amazing! YTB!